Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom's doublet

Holy crap...
It's been four months...
Time to update for my few dozen fans!

My mom's birthday is today! Hooplah! And tomorrow, it's mother's day. That's not fair to me OR my brother. Or my dad. I want roast chicken.

In other news, I'm making fifty dollars. I don't know whether to spend it on MySims or Mark Denardo's new album Graffiti Monsters.

Oh! Speaking of Mark, Dino Run is live! If you click on "Credits," and look at the beta testers, look for Brody K. B.. And look for me in multiplayer. Look for a dino that looks like the Ratmaze rat or one of the Gamma Bros..

Well, I gots to get my mom's presents out of the car. See ya.

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