Friday, January 25, 2008

Bricking away

Sunny Meadows.
Lots of Legos.
And who could
forget all the
Chowder I could
watch and all the
Coke I could
drink? Ahh...

Sorry. I was in my happy place. What was I doing.... Oh, right. The blog. Hold on. KLUNK THUNK WHAM. All right.

SCHOOL: Starting to go downhill. At 7th grade, you're forced to take a writing test. It's just as important as the EOGs. My language arts teacher is using class time to prepare. But she's a H*R fan, so she's cool.

FRIENDS: Still goin' good. Having one over tomorrow.

DINO RUN IDEA: When the Alien Egg is collected, all the pterodactyls turn into Gamma Bros. Ships until end of level.

CURRENTLY DRINKING.... no, wait, CHUGGING DOWN: Orangeade. And a granola bar. I choked. On a hoppin' CRUMB! Lesson learned: Don't Chug down, Let alone drink granola bars.

BIG GUY STATS: Got back from a business trip from Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. "Big Guy" is my dad.

Well, there we go. A week made up in a few lousy letters.
See ya!

Latest Lego Model: A Lego lunch box. Inside is a little 50 years of Lego celebration.


Elizabeth said...

Brody, Aunt E here! I don't tell you enough, but I am so proud to have a nephew like you. I tell all my friends about you and how proud I am of you. You are the coolest! Thanks for a link to see your blogs!!
oh yeah Keaton is pretty cool too!!
Love you boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt E

Theboysmomma said...

Good blog Brody!! You are a great kid! I hate I dont get to see you much. I miss me sleeping over and you sneaking into the living room to watch cartoons with me..hehehe...We will have to do that soon! I love you kid! Aunt Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hey man, good work on mozilla firefox drawings!

Have a wonderful day,
A from Egypt